Sacho is a former prince of Sacharhineolaland who became a slave of Zog the Forsaken.


Prince Sacho is a delicate, frail-looking fellow. He dresses in a black velvet suit with knee-breeches and seaweed bows at his throat and knees. He has yellow hair, banged across his forehead, and large, dark eyes with a pleasant and merry sparkle. He wears a high ruff around his neck which hides scarlet-edged slits in his neck through which he breathes like gills.

Sacho is a very pragmatic boy. During his years of service to Zog he has realized that fear and hate are no fun and a waste of time.


Sacho was once a prince of Sacharhineolaland, but his ship was lost at sea in a storm. As he sank to the bottom, Zog rescued him and made him a slave. By his magic, Zog made the boy able to live under the water and he served faithfully for many years.

When Zog was destroyed by King Anko, Sacho suggested that a new king be chosen to lead the former slaves. Tom Atto recommended Sacho for the job, but he declined. Finally Joe Weedles was elected and Sacho became his chief attendant. (The Sea Fairies)

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