Ruffles is a shaggy, surly dog who belongs to Tellydeb, lord high steward of Noland.


He is a small dog with a shaggy coat, and his temper is short, making his name apt for both his appearance and disposition.


Ruffles is a loyal companion to Tellydeb, and the old man was very fond of him, talking to him just as one does to a person. One day, while wearing Princess Fluff's Magic Cloak, Tellydeb wished that Ruffles could talk, and the wish was granted. Ruffles often proved to be harsh and peevish.

When the army of Ix invaded Noland, Ruffles was sent to wander among them. At random invervals he would announce, "The army of Noland will conquer you." The soldiers, seeing no one but a little dog, became worried and began to doubt their chances at success. They were ultimately defeated.

When Queen Lulea retrieved the Magic Cloak, Ruffles lost his ability to speak, but Tellydeb always remembered how intelligent his dog was. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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