The Royal Dragon of Spor is the property of King Terribus, ruler of Spor.


The dragon is visually splendid. More than thirty feet long, it bears large green scales set with diamonds. Its mouth is as big as a bathtub, and its eyes are the size of pie plates. Its long tail ends with a golden ball, like that on top of a flagpole. Its legs are as big as elephants', their scales set with emeralds and rubies. It has large flapping ears, and two horns of ivory; its teeth have been carved into fantastic shapes, like griffins, castles, and horses' heads.

Its personality, however, does not match its imposing appearance. It is, by dragon standards, notably deficient in fierceness. Its inner fire was once blown out in a gale; and it complains of pains that prevent it from lashing its tail (rheumatism) or gnashing its teeth (all that carving). In manners, it is too gentlemanly to fight. (The Enchanted Island of Yew)

The Royal Dragon's age is unknown, but presumably it is very old; its father was the creature that "got into trouble" with Saint George. (Its reluctance to fight may help to explain its long life.)

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