Ozga- copyright Joshua M. Allen 2013

The Rose Kingdom (also called Roseland) is a land bordering Ev and the Nonestic Ocean. It is devoted to the culture of the rarest and fairest roses grown.


The kingdom is not of very great extent. Its border with the Land of Ev is a deep gulf with a single drawbridge.

Its only building is a splendid big greenhouse with thousands of crystal window panes that glitter in the sunlight. An apple tree grows near the greenhouse and some branches stretch over its roof.

The greenhouse is filled with magnificent rosebushes, all growing in big pots. On the central stem of each bush blooms a splendid rose, gorgeously colored and deliciously fragrant, and in the center of each rose is the face of a lovely girl. Besides the roses, the only resident of the Rose Kingdom is the Royal Gardener and is the interim ruler of the Kingdom when no Royal Rulers are ripe.

The Royal Gardens are surrounded by a tall hedge, and several enormous rose bushes grow there, with thick green leaves of the texture of velvet. Upon these bushes grow the members of the Royal Family, fairies in human form, male as well as female in all stages of maturity. Before they are ripe their flesh and clothes are a light shade of green, and they stand lifeless upon their branches with wide open eyes staring straight ahead, unseeing and unintelligent. Only a male offspring of these plants can rule the Rose Kingdom as its king.

The law of the Rose Kingdom is written in a small book carried by the Royal Gardener. Breaking the glass of the greenhouse is against the law. Also, no strangers are allowed in their domains; strangers are to be condemned by the ruler and put to death.


Betsy Bobbin, Hank, and the Shaggy Man all met in the Rose Kingdom, but they were sentenced to death. Hoping to find a sympathetic ruler they picked Ozga from the Royal Rose bush. Ozga was rejected and the party was exiled. (Tik-Tok of Oz)

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