Roly-Rogues are creatures which lived at the top of The Giant's Stairway where they numbered in the thousands.


Their bodies are as round as a ball and are around four feet in diameter. Their muscles are as tough and elastic as india-rubber. They have very short legs with broad, flattened feet. Their arms are also short, but their hands are very powerful. Their heads are flat and thick on top with shiny eyes, stubby noses, huge mouths, and leathery rolls around their necks. They can draw all of their limbs and their heads into their bodies like a turtle into its shell.

Their close-fitted clothing is like leather, and is colored green, yellow, red, and brown.

The Roly-Rogues are quarrelsome and savage in nature, but they fight by drawing themselves into a ball, rolling against one another, and bouncing away, causing little damage in the process.


One day, one of the Roly-Rogues rolled too close to the edge of their plateau and fell off, bounding down away to the valley of Noland. His companions watched him go and, through a break in the clouds below, caught a glimpse of the City of Nole.

The ruler of the Roly-Rogues determined to see this country and, being a quarrelsome people themselves, expected to find trouble there. They bounced down the mountainside by the thousands, each carrying two thorn branches, and quickly conquered the City.

King Bud escaped to the neighboring Land of Ix where Queen Zixi agreed to help. She sent a Silver Vial of sleeping potion with Ruffles the dog to be put into a kettle of soup, which was the Roly-Rogues favorite meal. Once the creatures were all unconscious, the army of Ix rolled them out of the country, dumping them into a river where they floated out to sea. It was rumored that they eventually reached an uninhabited island where they reside to this day. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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