Rivette was a laundress who lived in the City of Nole.


Rivette's brother was a single father of two who worked as a ferryman in a small village in Noland. When he drowned crossing the river in a storm, Rivette came to the village to care for his orphaned children, Margaret and Bud.

Aunt Rivette was not bad-hearted, but was stern and quick to discipline. She decided to take the children to her home in Nole were they could help with her work. Those plans changed, however, when they entered the city and Bud was chosen as the next King of Noland.

Her nephew and neice were taken to the Royal Palace, but the next day Aunt Rivette appeared for an audience with the king and demanded fair treament as his relative. She was assigned an apartment on the top floors of the palace and was given an allowance. She borrowed Meg's Magic Cloak and set out for the market at once with a purse of gold coins.

She was eager to make Mammy Skib and Mistress Kappleson (her former neighbors) jealous, so as she hurried along she wished she could fly and immediately a pair of great feathered wings sprouted from her back. She was so startled that she began to flail around and fluttered into the air, drawing a large crowd. She eventually grew accustomed to the wings, and enjoyed the attention they brought her. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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