CD Version

Songs from  Return to Oz
Released  1985
Format  LP
Label  Sonic Atmospheres Records
Catalogue no.  S-113

Return to Oz was released in 1985, as the soundtrack to the film by Walt Disney Pictures. The album featured the film's score by David Shire and was re-issued on CD in 1991 by Bay Cities (BCD 3001).

Track listing

  1. Dorothy Remembers / Home / The Ride to Doctor Worley's (04:20)
  2. Ozma / The Flight in the Storm (03:56)
  3. Oz / The Ruined House (04:53)
  4. The Deserted City / The Wheelers / Tik Tok (04:55)
  5. Mombi's Hall of Heads (02:47)
  6. Jack Pumpkinhead (02:48)
  7. The Flight of the Gump (03:58)
  8. Dorothy and the Nome King / The Ornament Room (04:27)
  9. The Defeat of the King/ The Restoration (06:09)
  10. The Mirror (02:36)
  11. Finale and End Credits (Theme From Return to Oz) (04:26)
  12. The Return to Oz Rag March (02:44)

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