Scoodler queen

The Queen of the Scoodlers

Regina Scoodla, the Queen of the Scoodlers is more dreadful in appearance than any of her subjects. She lives in the Land of the Scoodlers, which is in an unnamed country near Oz.


Like her people she is two sided, but unlike the rest of the Scoodlers, she is not black and white. Instead, one side of her is fiery red with jet-black hair and green eyes. The other side is bright yellow with crimson hair and black eyes. She wears a short skirt of red and yellow. A silver crown sits atop her curly hair, and that crown is much dented and twisted because she has thrown her head at so many things so many times.

Her people seem to communicate by shouting together, but the queen is capable of conversation.


During his escape from their imprisonment, the Shaggy Man threw the head of every Scoodler into the gulf that surrounds their home, including the head of the queen. (The Road to Oz)

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