Quiberon was a fantastic, ferocious aquatic monster that plagued Lake Orizon in the Munchkin Country of Oz.


Uglier than any known sea serpent, Quiberon had an immense dragon's head and the body of a "giant fear-fish" (whatever that might be). He had whiskers, and a lock of silver hair between his horns; he had a glittering tail, and his tusks were red. His eyes glowed in the dark. He breathed flames from his nostrils, and produced sulfurous black smoke. He could control this smoke precisely enough to generate a sort of sky writing as a means of communication. (The Giant Horse of Oz)


Quiberon was placed in Lake Orizon by the evil witch Mombi, to harass and oppress the people of the Ozure Isles. It even ate the local Hippocampus into extinction. For twenty years, the creature did just that until it was paralyzed by the Wizard of Oz and left as a statue. Afterwards, the Wizard of Oz used a spell to reconstitute the Hippocampus from their bones enabling the creatures to live again.


A glimpse of Quiberon's prior existence can be found in Marcus Mebes' novel Lurline and the White Ravens of Oz, where the monster fights with one of the early kings of Oz (named Oz).

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