The Queen of Merryland is a beautiful wax doll named Dolly, who is nearly as big as a child. She is a fairy, and lives in the fourth valley of Merryland.


She has long, silken, blonde hair and blue eyes. Her beautiful clothes befit her position as queen, and she wears a crown with seven points, each tipped with a gleaming jewel. Her home is the largest and most artistic dollhouse in the Valley of Dolls, with a round dome on top. The queen's palace has two unusual rooms: the Laughing Chamber and the Musical Chamber. Two of her servants are named Scollops and Twinkle.

The queen has a thinking machine to help her make decisions. She also has a fairy wand with which she can bring her subjects to life, or put them back to sleep.


The queen tries hard to protect her kingdom, and has passed laws to prevent people from entering, but subjects such as the Watch-Dog of Merryland and her wooden soldiers are unable to enforce these laws. When Dot Freeland and Tot Thompson entered Merryland, the Queen adoped them and made them a princess and prince. Then she visited to Watch-Dog to improve his power to enforce her restrictions.

After traveling with Dot and Tot through the Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Valleys, Tot wanted to go home, and Dot with him. Not wanting anyone in her kingdom to be sad, the Queen allowed them to leave, sealing up the tunnel behind them. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)

The Queen later visited the Emerald City of Oz on the occasion of Ozma's birthday, bringing with her four wooden soldiers as a body guard and the Candy Man from the Valley of Bonbons. (The Road to Oz)

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