The Grand and Mighty Slow Kingdom of Pokes is a gray city located in the Winkie Country of the Land of Oz. Any person approaching or entering it becomes very sleepy.

In Pokes, it is forbidden to run, sing or whistle, and the speed limit is ¼ mile per hour. The inhabitants move and speak very slowly and sleepily, tend to be fat, and most of them have pet snails. They never laugh and do not like the sound of it.

Sir Hokus of Pokes was banished to Pokes by an enemy sorcerer, who had commanded him to live in "the stupidest kingdom in Oz." Centuries later, Dorothy Gale and the Cowardly Lion visited Pokes after getting lost while searching for the Scarecrow, and were arrested for speeding. The Chief Poker brought them to the castle where Sir Hokus slept. After waking him and learning his story, the trio decided to try escaping from Pokes by singing, which would keep them from falling asleep and drive away the Pokes. The task proved harder than it seemed, and both Dorothy and Sir Hokus were nearly recaptured before the Cowardly Lion rescued them. (The Royal Book of Oz)