The Pinkies are the people who live in the Pink Country on Sky Island.


They are round and chubby, and are not very tall. They have short necks and legs, pink hair and eyes, rosy cheeks and pink complexions, and their faces are good-natured and jolly. They use simple, sharp-pointed sticks made of rosewood for weapons.

The men wear pink clothing and round hats with pink feathers. The women's dresses consist of layers of gauzy tuck and ruffles and laces, caught up with bows of dainty ribbon. Their skirts are so fluffy and light that they stick out from the fat bodies of the Pinkie women like a ballet dancer's tutu. They have chubby pink ankles and wear pink kid shoes.


The Pinkies are divided into two tribes, the Sunrise Tribe, which lives on the eastern side of the island, and the Sunset Tribe, which lives in the west. There is a great rivalry between them, and sometimes war.

The ruler of the Pinkies is appointed to protect and serve the people. According to the Great Book of Laws, he or she is the person living in the Pink Country with the lightest skin. The ruler is a public servant, and to prevent cruelty and envy, the ruler remains without riches, a high station, or false adulation. The rulers live in poverty. Their one privilege is a statue set up in the Grand Court after their death. They rule according to the Great Book of Laws, but when the Great Book does not apply, the ruler can summon a council of twelve (six from each tribe) who vote to decide any issue. In the case of a tie, the ruler does not cast the deciding vote, since she would be siding with some of her people and against others. Instead, a thirteenth advisor is summoned to break the tie.

When Trot became Queen of the Pinkies, she revised the law so that the ruler should live just as well as everyone else, but no better. If the ruler tries to take more than their fair share, he or she is to be pushed off the edge of Sky Island. The Royal Scribbler recorded this new law in the Book of Laws in pink ink, with a big capital letter at the beginning and a fine flourish at the end. (Sky Island)

Pinkie People

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