The Pink Country is the pink side of Sky Island, and is also called the Sunset Country by the Blueskins. It is separated from the Blue Country by a thick Fog Bank. Although it is the same size as the Blue Country, being no more than two miles square, there are several hundred inhabitants.

The edges of the Pink Country are fenced in only a few places. Usually there are rows of thick bushes set close to the edge to prevent people from falling off.

The grass is soft pink, the trees are pink, all the fences and buildings are pink, and even the gravel in the footpaths is pink. There are many shades of pink, from a faint blush rose to a deep pink verging on red, but there are no other colors. Even the sun is pink, and it hangs over rosy clouds in the pink glowing sky.

The buildings are all round, without a single corner or angle. The large pink city glistens with hundreds of pink banners floating over its pink domes. It is surrounded by a high wall of pink marble, with a gate made of pink metal bars. The houses are big and substantial, round in shape, with domed roofs and circular windows and doorways. There is one street in the city, which is paved with pink marble; it begins at the gate and circles like a corkscrew toward the center of the city. The gardens that line the street are filled with pink flowers and pink grass lawns, shaded by pink trees and shrubbery.

In the center of the city is a public meeting place paved with pink marble. Two rows of large, pink statues surround the open space, set upon nicely carved pink pedestals. The statues are at least life sized, and are monuments to previous kings and queens of the Pink Country.

About the middle of this area is a small, low house, domed like all the others but built of coarse pink stone. It is exceedingly plain in appearance, with no banners or flowers to ornament it. This is the home of the ruler of the Pinkies.

The people living there, called Pinkies, are chubby and mild-tempered and are divided into two tribes, the Sunrise Tribe and the Sunset Tribe. Both tribes acknowledge one ruler.

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