Phantastico is the mountain inhabited by the dreaded Phanfasms.


A lava-filled gully encircles Mount Phantastico, about a third of the way up. Fire-serpents and poisonous salamanders live in it, and the heat and poisonous smell are so unbearable that even birds circle around the mountain rather than flying over it. A narrow bridge spans the gully and is guarded by a scarlet crocodile.

Beyond the gully, the mountain appears wild. The rocks are shaped like frightful beings and the tree trunks are gnarled and twisted like serpents. At the top is a level plain with heaps of rock in which the Phanfasms dwell. This is all an enchantment of the Phanfasms; they actually live in one of the most splendid and luxurious cities ever built by magic power. (The Emerald City of Oz)


Phantastico ecc

Petra on Phantastico.

Ruggedo and his companions visit Mount Phantastico. (Ruggedo in Oz)

Button-Bright also pays it a visit in Paul Dana's The Lost Boy of Oz.

Petra visits Phantastico to rescue her brother, Cutter, who was raised as a Phanfasm. (Emerald City Confidential)

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