Species Rat
Origin Ohio
Residence Emerald City
First Appearance The Hidden Valley of Oz

Percy is a giant white laboratory rat.


He habitually calls himself "the personality kid," and talks like a street-smart American wise guy. (He calls everyone else "kiddo.")


Percy was originally from Ohio. He came to the Land of Oz with Jam and once in Oz he acquired the power of speech.

Accompanying Jam on his travels and adventures, Percy grew to ten times his normal size by eating a magic muffin. He proved to be enterprising and resourceful. When Ozma sent Jam back home, Percy remained in Oz and got the Wizard to enchant him into his new large size permanently. (The Hidden Valley of Oz)

Book appearances


Rachel Cosgrove called Percy one of her favorite characters, and proved it by using him repeatedly in her Oz works. Percy has a major role in Cosgrove's other Oz-related book, The Wicked Witch of Oz, and returns again in her short story "Percy and the Shrinking Violet."

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