Peakenspire is an island of the Nonestic Ocean, with a remarkable appearance and nature.


Peakenspire is a "strange, glittering, mountainous island" entirely devoid of flat land; its high, "needle-like peaks" rise directly out of the sea. The crystalline mountains reflect all the colors of the rainbow, and are sometimes too bright to look upon from afar.

The people of the island have constructed a City of Bridges for their dwelling place, "a perfect maze of high and airy bridges" that runs "like a gigantic spider web between the peaks." "Quaint fluted cottages" are built in the center of the bridges; the construction is of crystal and a silvery metal mined locally, of great durability. The people are both warlike and musical, being habitual yodlers.

The inhabitants ascend and descend the heights in suspended baskets; they fish, and grow crops in window boxes. This limited agriculture has forced and inspired them to breed spectacularly productive plants, vines that grow multiple types of vegetable or fruit in rapid rotation. The people are tall, blue-eyed, and handsome. They dress in blouses and short trousers, men and women alike. The altitude and climate affect their temperaments: the air is "so light and sparkling" that they are always cheerful, happy, healthy, and vigorous, "spending most of their time in singing and dancing." (Captain Salt in Oz)


At the time of first contact with representatives of the Land of Oz, Peakenspire was ruled by Alberif, Prince of the Peaks. With statesmanlike wisdom, Alberif agreed to accept allegiance to Princess Ozma and welcome colonists from Oz, in exchange for technology, "fruit, foodstuffs, books and merchandise." Alberif sent some of his island's dazzling crystals to Ozma as gifts.

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