Pauline M. Batchelder, later Pauline Batchelder Adams, was the artist who provided illustrations for L. Frank Baum's 1911 novel The Daring Twins.

Batchelder illustrated a range of books during her career. She did other work for Baum's publisher Reilly & Britton, like Margaret Sanderson's The Camp-Fire Girls at Pine-Tree Camp (1914).

In partnership with Vera Stone Norman, Batchelder provided pictures for Clara Belle Baker's series of Bobbs-Merrill Readers; she worked on volumes in the American Health series, issued in the 1940s also by Bobbs-Merrill. She decorated Wallace Rice's Love and Lovers (1914), and provided the illustrations for Charlotte Krum's The Jingling ABC's (1929), Winnie Allen's Pioneering in Texas (1935), and Mary Ericcson's About Glasses for Gladys (1962). She was the author as well as illustrator of the Picture-Book Dictionary (1946).

Batchelder lived most of her life in Chicago, but spent her later years in Southern California. She should not be confused with the Maryland-based author Pauline Manning Batchelder.

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