The Palace of Romance is an opulent palace located on a small, rocky islet in the Nonestic Ocean.


The palace is enormous, filling the islet on which it sits. It is made of pure gold and has many crystal windows set in its domes and sides. There are numerous spires and minarets, although one wing of the palace has a flat roof.

The palace is a maze of passages with tiled floors and paneled walls. The stairways are covered with soft carpeting, and the balusters are of filigree gold. The main floor has magnificent parlors and galleries. An arched marble passageway leads to the central domed chamber.

The sides and the ceiling of this chamber are set with colored glass windows, each of which depicts a pleasing picture. Panels of gold decorated with brilliant gems are set between these windows. The floor is covered with priceless rugs, and the furniture consists of comfortable settees and easy-chairs.

There are one hundred residents of the Palace of Romance, fifty gentlemen and fifty ladies, who are all well-dressed and genteel. They have no ruler, and each has equal authority. They spend their time telling tales of romance and adventure. When strangers arrive on the island, they are compelled to tell all the tales they know, and are then dropped into the sea to keep the population of the island from increasing.


John Dough and Chick the Cherub landed on the roof the Palace and eventually found their way to the central chamber. Chick began creating and telling stories of the Silver Pig of Dagupan, which enthralled the residents of the Palace. While Chick was telling stories all day, he and John were searching for their flying machine at night. Finally after three days they found it and escaped the island. (John Dough and the Cherub)

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