The Ozure Isles are five islands in Lake Orizon in the Munchkin Country of Oz.


Lake Orizan


The islands are small, and built up of sparkling cliffs, rich with iridescent gems and honeycombed with caves and grottoes. The pebbles of the beaches are actually amethysts, opals, pearls, rubies, turquoises, and especially sapphires, which are so common that they endow the Isles with a dazzling blue light.

Conversely, cobblestones are so rare that several are set into the king's crown like gems.

The local population of Ozurians numbers 1007; their capital is called the Sapphire City. (The Giant Horse of Oz)


The gleaming cliffs of the Ozure Isles resemble the sheer and dazzling precipices of Peakenspire Island.

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