Wallpaper of an Ozoplane, by Hungry Tiger Press.

The Oztober was one of the first two Ozoplanes built by the Wizard of Oz. Along with the Ozpril, it was meant to be presented to Ozma upon its completion. However, the Wizard showed it to Dorothy and her friends first. During this visit the Soldier with the Green Whiskers passed out and fell onto the Oztober's control panel, making it take off with only the Soldier, Jellia Jamb, and the Tin Woodman aboard.

Nick Chopper, the Tin Man, soon learned to fly the ship and practiced very carefully. Hoping to make a new discovery for Oz much in the vein of Captain Salt, he landed the ship on an island in the sky and tried to conquer it. However this only angered Strut, the king of the island, who took over the ship and ordered Nick to take him and his men down to Oz so he could conquer it. The Tin Man was forced to make a calm landing in the Emerald City, and so the plane was unharmed. Once the would-be conquerors had failed to conquer Oz, the Wizard and Nick Chopper took the Oztober to search for the Ozpril, or what remained of it. (Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz)

By the following year, this model of Ozoplane was obsolete, having been replaced by a newer model. And so the Oztober was given to Jack Pumpkinhead, who decorated it with pumpkins and made a home of it. (The Wonder City of Oz)

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