Wallpaper of an Ozoplane, by Hungry Tiger Press.

Ozoplanes are a type of aircraft invented by the Wizard of Oz for service to Ozma and to the Land of Oz. They have inflatable balloons so that they can lift off of the ground straight up, before engaging their engines to truly fly. (Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz)


The Wizard planned a fleet of airships, which would allow Oz to stay in contact with its colonies in the Nonestic Ocean. Captain Samuel Salt, meanwhile, would discover these colonies for Oz and plant the Ozian flag, with the inhabitants' consent. (Captain Salt in Oz)

Three years later, the Wizard had completed the first two Ozoplanes, the Ozpril and the Oztober. These accidentally launched ahead of schedule because of the Soldier with the Green Whiskers' mistake. The Ozpril was likely destroyed during their visit to an island in the sky, on that first flight. But the Wizard of Oz, and the Tin Woodman left in the Oztober to find out if the Ozpril still existed. (Ozoplaning with the Wizard of Oz)

By the following year, a new model of Ozoplane had been invented, making the earlier model obsolete. So the old Ozoplane was given to Jack Pumpkinhead, who used it as a second home. (The Wonder City of Oz)

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