"Ozma Sees Herself" is an Oz short story by Edward Einhorn that was published in Oz-story Magazine No. 3 in 1997. The story attempts to fill a missing piece in the development of the Oz mythos.

In Oz chronology, Einhorn's tale is set after the events in The Marvelous Land of Oz and prior to those in Ozma of Oz. At the start of the story, Ozma is having trouble adjusting to her recent gender change from the boy Tip. She evades her servants and duties to climb a tree, and then commands the Cowardly Lion to run away with her.

They reach a jungle in the Munchkin Country. While bathing in a pond, Ozma mistakes her own reflection for a nymph, and is awed by her beauty. She is frightened when the Hungry Tiger appears and savors the prospect of eating her; then the Cowardly Lion introduces his harmless old friend to the new princess. Together the big cats convince Ozma to return to the Emerald City and accept her responsibilities. She in turn invites the Hungry Tiger to live in the capital. She also develops a somewhat narcissistic appreciation for her own beauty, which eases her adjustment to her new body and new role.

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