Frances Ozma Baum Mantele (4 June 1916 – 9 October 1999) was the first granddaughter of L. Frank Baum, the daughter of Baum's youngest son Kenneth Gage Baum and his wife Dorothy Duce Baum. As an infant she was the dedicatee of The Lost Princess of Oz.

Her mother chose the name Frances, though Baum wanted her to be called Ozma. As a child she was nicknamed "Scraps." She spent much of her time at Ozcot, with her widowed grandmother Maud Gage Baum; cousin Matilda Jewell Gage went so far as to claim that Maud raised Ozma. (In an unusual arrangement, Ozma's other, maternal grandmother also lived at Ozcot at the time.)

Ozma Baum studied nursing, and married physician Kenneth Austin Mantele on 24 December 1945. (Her mother died on her wedding day.) After her marriage she became a grief counsellor for children. The Manteles had two children, son Craig and daughter Dorothy.

In her mature years, and especially after her husband's death in 1981, she lectured and wrote on her famous grandfather and his works, and was active in Oz fandom. She wrote the Foreword to her father's book The Dinamonster of Oz when it was finally published in 1991, and a note for her daughter's book The Wisdom of Oz (1998). It was one of her last wishes that Baum's manuscript of his last Oz book, Glinda of Oz, be donated to the Library of Congress; this was done in the year after her death.


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