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Oziana is an annual publication of The International Wizard of Oz Club that is devoted to fan fiction on Oz and related subjects. A sampling of the fiction that has appeared in Oziana could include:

  • "Sherlock Holmes in Oz," by Ruth Berman (1970)
  • "The Cowardly Lion Changes His Name," by March Laumer (1971)
  • "Scraps and the Cruel Kalidah," by Brian Baker (1972)
  • "Jimmy Bulber in Oz," by Frank Joslyn Baum (1974)
  • "The Adventure of the Cat That Did Not Meow in the Night," by Eric Shanower and Jay Delkin (1975)
  • "The Romance of the Silver Shoes," by Laura Jane Musser (1975) — Greek gods in Oz
  • "Glinda and the Red Jinn," by Robert R. Pattrick (1977)
  • "The Cowardly Lion and the Courage Pills," by Glenn Ingersoll (1982)
  • "The Piglets' Revenge or How Eureka Became Pink," by Glenn Ingersoll (1984)
  • "Follow the Other Brick Road," by Frederick E. Otto (1989) — there's a red brick road, too, in the 1939 film
  • "The Merchant of Oz," by Chuck Sabatos (1993) — after The Merchant of Venice: how money was banished from Oz[1]
  • "Ghosts in Oz," by Marie Richardson (1994)
  • "The Gauds of Oz," by David Hulan (1998)
  • "Toto's Tale," by Ian Fink (1999) — how Toto came to talk
  • "The Marvelous Menagerie: A Centennial Oz Story in 100 Haiku," by Atticus Gannaway (2000)
  • "An Oz Cliffhanger," by Gina Wickwar (2001)
  • "A Bungled Kidnapping in Oz," by David Hulan (2004).


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