Periodic table

The Ozian Periodic Table, as shown off by Ojo in Lost in Oz.

The Ozian Periodic Table was a chart of elements known to exist in Oz, some of which were magical in nature. ("Tin Man")

Tin Man

The element Moritanium, number 216 on the table, was known to have extremely magical properties. ("Tin Man")

# Name Properties Symbol
216 Moritanium Extremely magical properties. Mt

Lost in Oz

There were 100 magical elements known to Oz, which were arranged in a Periodic Table. The Table was arranged in concentric circles, with the central element, Ozonium, the most powerful and important. Dorothy needed to collect all of them to get home to Kansas. ("Lost in Oz")


Name Abilities Descriptor Image
Ozonium Can bring statues back to life

Enables levitation and flight; powers the Emerald City ferris wheel.

Lardonium Creates a gravitational field. Hyper-Gravitational Lardonium
(Unknown) Telekinetic
Multiplonium Creates duplicates of something.
Dark Matter Powers the portable portals.

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