Ozana, also known as the Guardian of Oz, was a member of Lurline's fairy band that visited and enchanted Oz long ago, and a cousin of Queen Ozma. When Lurline left Oz for other lands, Ozana was left to watch over Mount Illuso to keep the Mimics in check, lest they overcome Lurline's enchantment and conquer the Land of Oz.

She built the town of Pineville atop the mountain, where she kept a beautiful (and magical) flower garden. She crafted the flowers so each one had a story to tell.

After she helped thwart the Mimics' renewed plan to conquer Oz, Ozma invited her to stay in Oz and Lurline approved. So Ozana's mountaintop garden was relocated to one of the mountains in Oz. (The Magical Mimics in Oz)

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