Ozamaland is one of the two countries that occupy the continent of Tazara in the Nonestic Ocean.


Ozmaland, "land of the creeping bird and the flying reptile," is largely jungle and desert. It fills the long eastern shore of Tazara, opposite Amaland on the west.

The country is strongly associated with the color white. Its people wear white, and breed white elephants, and even snow-white camels; white chalk cliffs line the coasts. The national flag is white.

The country is dominated by the White City, which is restricted to 1000 nobles and their families. They are the only citizens who are literate and who dwell in permanent buildings. The royal family of Ozamaland maintains a compulsory residence in the capital. A council of nine Ozamandarins makes the laws. (They wear square hats).

The majority of the Zamas are fierce tent-dwelling nomads. They have a prophet called the Old Man of the Jungle.

Ozamaland is considered semi-legendary by outsiders. (Captain Salt in Oz)


The White City was founded by Om, the first king of the Zamas. At the time of Captain Samuel Salt's visit, the Chief Ozamandarin was Didjabo.


As with other countries on the periphery of Nonestica, some of the enchanted peculiarities of Oz apply in Ozamaland, but not all of them. The immunity against death prevails in the land, but talking animals are generally unknown.

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