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Ooboo (sometimes called Black Ooboo because of his hair) is one of the most dangerous and violent of the primitive Mifkets. While most of his race has coarse brown hair, Ooboo is remakable because of his black hair.


When John Dough arrived the Isle of Mifkets and was brought before the king, Ooboo challenged him to a fight for the right to live in peace. John defeated him easily, picking him up and tossing across the clearing.

Later, Ooboo met Ali Dubh and learned that John was good to eat. He and some other Mifkets captured the gingerbread man, and Ooboo ate the fingers of his left hand. John Dough escaped, but the Ooboo had gained such strength and courage that he challenged the King of the Mifkets and won, taking over the throne. (John Dough and the Cherub)

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