The Octopus is a sea creature who lives in the Mermaid Kingdom.

His eyes are brown and watery and his smile reveals two rows of sharp, white teeth. His moustache consists of long, hair-like feelers that curl on the ends. He has long brown arms and legs which he uses interchangeably, and which carry his slender cane and handkerchief.

He wears a red coat with brass buttons, a yellow vest, a standing collar, and a carefully tied cravat. His silk hat is worn tipped over one ear.

The octopus is rather rude, often correcting others who say "octopuses" instead of "octopi". He was also distraught to learn that humans have compared him to the Standard Oil Company.

Octopi are cousins to the Sea Devils, but are much more friendly with the mermaids than those wicked creatures are. (The Sea Fairies)

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