Octagon Island is a small, eight-sided island in the Nonestic Ocean. It lies eight miles east of Pingaree.


The king's octagonal castle is positioned in the exact center of the island. The population of the island is 180; there are 80 men, 40 women, and 60 children. The men are divided by occupation: there are eight courtiers and eight councillors, eight farmers, fishermen, sailors, servitors, shopkeepers, soldiers, and musicians each, and eight artists or scholars. They carry the octagonal theme into the shape of their hats and the buttons on their coats. They favor names like Sixandtwo, Fourandfour, etc.


The best-known event in Octagonal history is the abortive mutiny and desertion of the populace under King Ato the Eighth. King Ato was a thousand years old at the time of the mutiny. (Pirates in Oz)

Natural death is alien to the people of the island. (The reigns of Atos the First through the Seventh likely predated Queen Lurline's enchantment of Oz into a fairyland.)

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