Nikolai Bachnow is a pseudonym for the German writer Klaus Moeckel (born 1934) and his Russian wife Aljonna (born 1941, whose maiden name was "Bach"). "Bachnow" is one of the writers — along with Sergei Sukhinov, Yuri Kuznetzov, Leonid Vladimirsky and others — who have continued the "Magic Land" series of books (the Russian version of Oz) after the death of originator Alexander Volkov

Bachnow's Magic Land books (written in German) include:

  • In the Clutches of the Sea Monster (1996)
  • The Serpent with the Amber Eyes (1997)
  • The Treasure of the Emerald Bees (1998)
  • The Curse of the Dragon King (1999)
  • The False Fairy (2000)
  • The Invisible Prince (2001)
  • The Curse of the Copper Forest (2002)
  • The Stolen Animal Kingdom (2003)

Translation of German article revealing the identity of Nikolai Bachnow

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