Nerle is the young aristocrat who served as the squire of Prince Marvel during Marvel's year of knightly adventuring.


Nerle is the son of Baron Neggar, one of the most prominent, powerful, and wealthy noblemen in the kingdom of Heg. Being raised with every advantage and indulgence, the spoiled young Nerle developed an odd obsession with seeking out suffering, pain, and deprivation.


He wandered away from his home, and was soon captured by the bandit band of Wul-Takim, the self-styled king of thieves. When rescued by Prince Marvel, Nerle was at first indignant; only when Marvel defeated him in a duel and gave him a stinging blow on his ear did Nerle decide to serve as Marvel's squire.

Nerle followed Marvel on his subsequent exploits, and endured enough difficulties to convince him that he had overrated the delights of suffering. He later returned to his parents' castle, and eventually married Sesely, the daughter of the late baron Merd.

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