"Nelebel's Fairyland" is a short story written by L. Frank Baum and published in the June 1905 issue of The Russ, the newspaper of Russ High School in San Diego, California. It was reprinted in the Christmas 1962 issue of The Baum Bugle. It also appeared in a limited edition from The Pamami Press (1978), and again in the collection The Runaway Shadows and Other Stories (1980).

It is the story of a Fairy named Nelebel who was banished from the Forest of Burzee for a time. She settled on the Pacific coast with some Ryls, Knooks, and Gigans to accompany her. There they created a beautiful Fairyland called Coronado in California.


Coronado was one of Baum's favorite haunts; he spent many years there.

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