Mr. Split is a wooden man who is the keeper of the Valley of Wind-Up Toys in Merryland. He spends all his time hurrying around the valley, constantly winding up the toys.

He is made entirely of wood. His feet are beech, his arms and legs are ash limbs, his body is pine, and his heart is oak. His hands are made of the rubber tree. His head is mostly chestnut, his hair is curly maple, his eyes mahogany, and his teeth hickory. His voice is made of birch bark.

Mr. Split is made in two halves connected with brass hooks. His left half is colored red, and his right side is white. When he separates the halves, each can work independently of the other, and thus they can wind up twice as many toys at a time. However, when separated they are difficult to understand, since Mr. Left Split only says the beginnings of words, and Mr. Right Split only says the ends. (Dot and Tot of Merryland)

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