Miss Trust was a guise taken by Queen Zixi of Ix in an attempt to steal the Magic Cloak.


As Miss Trust, Zixi transformed herself, turning her blonde hair brown and her black eyes blue. With simple clothes even her own subjects did not recognize her.


Zixi traveled to Noland and set up an "Academy of Witchery for Young Ladies" in a rented cottage north of the city of Nole. She had handbills printed which said:

Miss Trust, a pupil of the celebrated Professor Hatrack of Hooktown-on-the-Creek, is now located at Woodbine Villa (North Gateway of Nole), and is prepared to teach the young ladies of this city the Arts of Witchcraft according to the most modern and approved methods. Terms moderate. References required.

Princess Fluff and her maids enrolled in the academy, but when Miss Trust began to show undue interest in the princess's Cloak, they became suspicious and quit. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

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