Menankypoo is a tiny principality of Nonestica. It is located in a mountainous region between Ev and Rinkitink, and borders on the Nonestic Ocean.


The population of Menankypoo is only 600. Most of the people seem to live and work in association with the central palace of the king, which is surrounded by gardens and a high wall overgrown with roses. The predominant colors are pale and subdued; the trees and grass look more gray than green. The people dress largely in yellow, and in eighteen-century fashion, with white wigs and three-cornered hats.

The Menankypoos share one remarkable peculiarity: they are all mute. They communicate by flashing their messages across their broad high foreheads, rather like an electronic tickertape. (Pirates in Oz)

Menankypoo is a sort of constitutional or limited monarchy. The country has a king, though the people expect the king to be idle and inoffensive; as they put it, "The king is not supposed to do anything." Prospective monarchs are given "dumb tests" to judge their qualifications for this demanding role. One monarch who proved too active and vigorous suffered a terminal accident.

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