Marin Elizabeth Xiques is a modern-day Oz writer and illustrator. She is a veteran associate of Chris Dulabone's Buckethead Enterprises of Oz.

As a solo author Xiques has written:

  • The Silver Shoes of Oz (1990)
  • The Enchantment of Oz (2003)
  • The Bouncy Bunnies of Oz (2008)
  • A Baffling Book About Bunnybury of Oz (2009)
  • Sweet Wishes from Oz (2009)

She has also collaborated with Chris Dulabone (her husband) on a series of works:

  • A Silver Elf in Oz (1994)
  • Ridiculous Rivals in Oz (1998)
  • A Foolish Fable from Oz (1999)
  • I Want to Grow Up in Oz (1999)
  • The Land Before Oz (1999)
  • A Mystical Magical Super Adventure in Oz (1999)
  • The Purloined Pachyderm of Oz (1999)

She was one of the multiple writers and artists who created The Shifting Sands of Oz (1995). And she collaborated with Carol P. Silva on The Magic Topaz of Oz (2003).

Xiques has also provided illustrations for The Shifting Sands of Oz and A Foolish Fable from Oz, and for Bill Hilley's The Green Goblins of Oz (1997).

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