Marcus David Mebes is a contemporary Oz author and illustrator, associated with Chris Dulabone's Buckethead Enterprises of Oz. He has sometimes used the pen name "Anon E. Mouse." He has illustrated more than two dozen works of modern Oz fiction, written by himself and others.

Oz fiction that Mebes has both written and illustrated includes:

  • Lurline and the White Ravens of Oz (1990)
  • The Mysterious Caverns of Oz (1990)
  • Sail Away to Oz (1993)
  • Brewster Bunny and the Case of the Outrageous Enchantments of Oz (1994)
  • The Odd Tale of Osoenft in Oz (1994)
  • The Haunted Castle of Oz (1995).

Mebes has also participated in multiple-author and multiple-artist projects: Skeezik and the Mys Tree of Oz, The Shifting Sands of Oz, and Fwiirp in Oz. Mebes and Dulabone share author and artist credits on The Magic Tapestry of Oz (1992) and authorial credit on A Million Miles from Here is Oz (2005). Mebes's books The Bashful Baker of Oz (2003) and Shipwrecked in Oz (2008) were illustrated by Luciano Vecchio.

Among the works of other writers that Mebes has illustrated are:

  • Chris Dulabone's The Fairy Circle in Oz (1991)
  • Atticus Gannaway's Time Travelling in Oz (1992)
  • Richard G. Quinn's Red Reera the Yookoohoo and the Enchanted Easter Eggs of Oz (1994)
  • Chris Dulabone and Marin Elizabeth Xiques's A Silver Elf in Oz (1994)
  • Jeff Barstock's Starglory of Oz (2002).
  • Lin Carter's two posthumous Oz works.

Mebes also wrote a dream-sequence epic poem titled Sail Away to Oz.

Mebes serves as the production editor for The International Wizard of Oz Club, designing the Club's new books and publications.

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