The Woggle-Bug Book

The man in the moon, as he appears in The Woggle-Bug Book.

The Man in the Moon is a being who lives in the moon, and a friend of the Fairies.


He has a man's face with a full beard and wrinkles and a jolly expression. It was he who suggested to Queen Lulea that the Fairies give their Magic Cloak to the first unhappy person they met. (Queen Zixi of Ix)

Additional Appearances

He laughed at the Wogglebug when he had accidentally risen into the air in a balloon during his visit to the United States. (The Woggle-Bug Book)


Another version of the character appears in Baum's short story "The Man in the Moon." (Mother Goose in Prose)

The Man in the Moon also appears in one of the stories collected in Prince Silverwings.

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