The Man-Eating Plants are dangerous plants that grow along the Yellow Brick Road in the Munchkin Country.


From a distance they look like a forest, but they are really just masses of broad, flat leaves which rise from the ground far into the air. They tower to twice the height of a man and each plant has a dozen or more leaves which sway constantly, even without wind.

The color of the leaves is generally blue, but other colors glint through at times appearing as a blotch or stripe and then disappearing to be replaced by some other color of a different shape. This effect can be bewildering and mesmerizing, and attracts victims to the plants.

The plants line both sides of the road of yellow bricks. When a victim comes too close a leaf will bend down and envelop them in its thick folds. The leaves are soft, but thick and firm, making it difficult for a victim to move or struggle. Sound can be heard through the leaves but it is faint and muffled.

The plants are charmed by whistling or singing, which makes them behave.


Ojo, the Patchwork Girl, the Glass Cat, and the Woozy were captured by these plants for several hours. Luckily the Shaggy Man happened by, saw the curled leaves, and rescued them. (The Patchwork Girl of Oz)

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