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Major Gregory Doyle is the father of Patsy Doyle, who is one of the three Merrick cousins.


The Major is a man of mature years, whose appearance is dominated by his large white mustache. He is a big man, and walks with a silver-trimmed cane. In temperament he is emotional, loyal, and strongly devoted to his only daughter. Some of his family members consider him a stereotypical Irishman.


A retired soldier and a widower, he worked for many years as a bookkeeper (at a salary of $10 per week) to support himself and his daughter. (Patsy managed his income and provided him an allowance.) When Patsy was sixteen years old she first encountered her extended family — her cousins Louise Merrick and Beth De Graf and her uncle John Merrick — which brought about a revolution in the life of the Major as well. Major Doyle became the financial manager of John Merrick's investments. (Aunt Jane's Nieces)

The Major generally lived somewhat in the background of the lives of his daughter and her cousins; in two cases, though, he joined them on cross-country trips to California. (Aunt Jane's Nieces and Uncle John; Aunt Jane's Nieces on the Ranch)

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