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Dawn Joelle Smith (30 December, 1994- ), known professionally as Madisyn Julie Wright (or more simply just Madisyn Wright), is a British-American actress who will portray Dorothy Gale in The Land of Oz. She is a very enthusiastic fan of the Oz, Batman and Harry Potter franchise.

Early Life

Wright was born in La Palma, California and and currently lives in Santa Monica, California.

Other Roles

Wright is a fairly obscure actress. She has mostly played extras and characters in her student films. She started acting when she was seven years old.

  • The Bernie Mac Show - Soccer Player
  • CSI - Extra
  • Macy Gray Music Video - School Girl
  • Jimmy Kimmel Show - "My Uncle David Is Crazy" girl

It should be noted that Wright actually does have an uncle named David and that was her first time using an american accent. It should also be noted that "The Land of Oz" is in preproduction and Wright has cited hopes that this will be her breakout role as an actress.

Wright also auditioned for the role of Nessarose Thropp in a community theatre production of Wicked when she was 14. She lost the part to a more experienced theatre actress.

External Links

Madisyn Wright's official IMDB page

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