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Written by  John R. Neill
Illustrator  John R. Neill
Published  1942
Publisher  Reilly & Lee

Lucky Bucky in Oz is the thirty-sixth installment in the Oz book series. It is the third Oz novel written by regular illustrator John R. Neill.

Uncle Sam

Neill's third book is the only Oz novel in which the American archetype of Uncle Sam appears as a (minor) character. His presence is doubtlessly linked to the book's publication during World War II. The original dust jacket of the first edition featured a note on the back, attributed to Bucky, urging the readers to buy war bonds, since the "Nazis and Japs are harder to beat than the Gnomes."

British edition

Lucky Bucky was published in Great Britain in 1945 by Hutchinson and Company — which is something of a curiosity, since most of the earlier Oz books had not appeared in English editions up to that time.

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