Loland is one of the twin kingdoms ruled by John Dough. Its inhabitants are the Lolanders.


Loland takes up the west half of the island it is on, the east half being the kingdom of Hiland. The two are separated by a high stone wall which runs through the center of the island from ocean to ocean. There are green valleys, vine-covered hills, stately forests, and fields of grain. There are scattered farmhouses, but no cities or villages except for the capital of Lo in the center of the island.


The king of Loland and Hiland died long ago, but a prophecy told that the next king would be wise and just, but not made of flesh and blood. The royal palace of Lohi stood empty for many years until the arrival of John Dough, who was immediately recognized by both Lolanders and Hilanders as the one to fulfil the prophecy. He became their king and appointed Para Bruin as his Chief Counselor and Chick the Cherub as Head Booleywag. (John Dough and the Cherub)

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