A Lively Hood is a magical garment, that radically affects the wearer's experience of time and aging.


It is a Medieval-style hood that covers the shoulders, neck, and head, with an opening for the face in front; it is made of silver cloth and rises to a peak on top. Male members of the Quix (the residents of Quick City) wear the hoods as a matter of custom. The hood makes its wearer grow older quickly until he reaches old age — when the affect reverses direction, and the wearer quickly grows younger until he is a baby once again. The the affect reverses once more, and the wearer grows older, then younger, then older, in a constant cycle.

The temporal and physiological affect of the hood can be cancelled simply by removing it — though the wearer must exercise caution, to be sure he takes off the hood when he is the age he wants to be. (The Yellow Knight of Oz)

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