Lin Carter (9 June 1930 – 7 February 1988), full name Linwood Vrooman Carter, was an American science-fiction and fantasy author, editor, and critic. He was widely recognized as an important advocate of fantasy and SF. Carter often worked in the "sword and sorcery" genre. He frequently wrote in the traditions of earlier figures like Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Carter did not publish any Oz fiction during his lifetime; two books of Carter's Oz fiction have been published posthumously, however, by Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends. The second of these is a tetralogy of novels that concern the same protagonists.

  • The Tired Tailor of Oz (2001)
  • The Merry Mountaineer of Oz (2004)
    • The Awful Ogre of Ogodown
    • High Times on Tip Top Mountain
    • The Wooden Soldier of Oz
    • No Joy in Mudville

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