Scoodler land

The barren home of the Scoodlers

The Land of the Scoodlers was a strange inhospitable land in which the vile Scoodlers lived and terrorized travelers. It was located in the same country as the Valley of the Musicker, Foxville, and Dunkiton.


The land of the Scoodlers was barren and inhospitable, which contained rocky hills and in which nothing green grew. The road was uneven and rough which lead through the odd country. The violent people who lived in this country lived within a mountain cave which was only accessible by a wooden bridge which extended over a large deep gulf.


When traveling to Oz, Dorothy, Button Bright, Polychrome, and the Shaggy Man crossed into this territory and were captured by the Scoodlers. When they attempted to escape, the Scoodlers threw their heads at the group, but using their wits and athleticism, they managed to catch the heads and throw them down the gulch (including that of the Queen), leaving the Scoodlers to wander aimlessly about. (The Road to Oz)

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