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La Reine est Mort — Vive La Reine

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"La Reine est Morte — Vive La Reine" is an early poem by L. Frank Baum. It was first published in The Chicago Times-Herald on 23 June 1895 and was later reprinted in Baum's 1898 verse collection By the Candelabra's Glare.

The poem is a lightly satirical and humorous consideration of the emancipated "New Woman" of Baum's era, whom Baum pictures "With her rights and her votes and her bloomers too!" The poem sees this new woman as supplanting the traditional models of the "sweetheart fair," the "matron sweet," and the "loving wife."

And shout hurrah for the woman new!
With her necktie, shirt and toothpick shoe
With tailor-made suit and mien severe
She's here!

In the 1898 collection, the poem is accompanied by a Ralph Fletcher Seymour illustration.

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