Kwytoffle was the pretended sorcerer who once usurped the throne of the kingdom of Auriel on the Island of Yew.


Kwytoffle was short and very fat; his small red eyes and tiny nose made his face resemble a puffball. He wore a black gown with scarlet June bugs and grasshoppers embroidered on it. His hat was tall and peaked, and had a large grasshopper figurine on its point. He carried a short black wand, and around his neck wore a silver whistle on a silver chain, which he used to summon his band of soldiers.


After the death of the reigning king of Auriel, Kwytoffle was able to seize control of the land with his claims of magic and his band of thugs. The alleged sorcerer intimidated the populace by threatening to transform people into grasshoppers or June bugs, and his hundred minions confiscated the wealth of citizens. The intervention of Prince Marvel and his friends showed Kwytoffle to be a fraud: he could do no magic at all, and his soldiers were armed with tin swords and wooden axes disguised with silver paper.

Marvel and company captured Kwytoffle and paraded him around the land so that people could see his overthrow. The citizens pelted their former oppressor with mud. The son of the former king was placed on the throne, and Kwytoffle was made a groom in his stables. (The Enchanted Island of Yew)

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