The Kinglet is the ruler of the Isle of Phreex.


He is a young boy with a long, freckled face, blue eyes, and a pug nose. His black hair is banged across his forehead and hangs in lank, straight locks to his shoulders. He wears an ermine robe lined with purple, and carries a scepter topped with a jeweled ball with a small golden knob.

His throne room is long and wide with a tiled floor. The walls are covered with trophies such as armor, spears, battle-axes, and ancient swords. His throne is on a raised platform with a flashing electric sign which reads "What is Home without a Kinglet?" Over the throne is suspended an enormous jeweled crown.

The Kinglet's primary advisor is Nebbie, who constantly reassures the kinglet about his use of royal language. His Poet Laureate is Sir Austed Alfrin. The Royal Executioner is a lovely young girl named Maria Simpson who has never executed anyone due to the Kinglet's lack of resolve. He enjoys riding around the island on his Two-Legged Horse, which is the only creature he acts meekly toward, knowing that it could seriously injure him. (John Dough and the Cherub)

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